Positivity Guru

Esmée is a Creative Content Creator and works as all-round Sales support. She is a person who wants to get the most out of life and who dares to face challenges. Looking for positivity and striving for beautiful goals in life is something that motivates this Icon of the new generation. Therefore Esmée thinks having standards and mutual respect is tremendously important. “Being honest and communicating openly is my priority”.

Almost always, Esmée has a positive attitude towards life. She doesn’t like negativity, but of course she has her moments as well. “Being creative with colourful items, helps me to get into and stay in my positive vibe. I love fashion and colourfully express myself through my style. Colours help me to be the happiest version of me, both in friendship and in my work”.


“I find it difficult to describe my generation, but I do think that being ‘social’ is a big topic. Nowadays, everything has to be heard and seen, especially the good things in life. Sharing this one-sided picture, can give a distorted image of what is really going on in someone’s life.” Not everything is always beautiful, but still Esmée feels that this is what is expected from us all. “I think the imperfections should be shown more often, since no one is perfect!”.


As a creative mind with a passion for styling, Esmée would love to be an inspiration for others when it comes to fashion. “I definitely would like to be an example. It's nice to have the guts to show who you really are. It's never too much, as long as you stand behind it and wear it with pride. Dare to dress the way you want, and most importantly; incorporate a little colour into your wardrobe. It never is too much, as long as you stand behind it!”