Busy Bee

Influencer and master student Gabriela (22) is a passionate woman. She is ambitious and enjoying every moment of life.

Gabriela obtained her bachelor's degree in business administration at Erasmus University. Since Business is truly her passion, she will start a master's in Strategic Entrepreneurship next year. Besides Business, her family is of great importance. The conviviality and the small moments of happiness together, this is what Gabriela appreciates most. “Life for me, is about family and health. As long as I have my favourite people around me, I'm happy”


Gabriela describes her generation – the new generation – as a free-spirited and tolerant one. “We do not like to think in boxes anymore and everyone is allowed to do what he or she wants.. Yet we feel a certain pressure, about career and the environment”. As one of our Icons of Today Gabriela hopes to be able to show others that they can be themselves and that you don’t need to care too much what other think of you. “My message: be yourself. Love yourself. This way you can enjoy every moment, strong and confident in your brand new shoes!”