A Modern Renaissance Woman

Veronique (21) is a Renaissance woman if there ever was one. This model, chef, musician, and all-round creative is always trying to find the beauty in things. In this edition of the Icons of Today, bottomless creative pit, Veronique, talks with us about her passions and how she thinks the Icons of Today are shaped.

Make time for the things you love

Some people would say that there aren’t enough hours in the day for Veronique to pursue all her passions and interests. Miss Veronique would beg to differ, however; she feels that it’s important to make time for the things you love and enjoy. Even if the things she likes to do don’t really vibe with each other, she always tries to make it work. Being creative plays an important part in juggling all her activities: “Creativity plays an important part in everything I do. Besides, I’m a total perfectionist; I always pay attention to detail, and I just like beautiful things. Because beauty can be found in everything. But I think this is also how the generation of today is characterised.”

“I feel like I can do or learn anything.”


The word that Veronique picked to describe her generation is “limitless”. Limitless in (pursuing) their passions but also in their thirst for knowledge and craving for new experiences. She believes that the New Generation is much more focused on doing what they actually genuinely enjoy and is prepared to make bigger sacrifices to achieve their dreams than previous generations. As long as they can follow their dreams, they’re happy. For her, living limitlessly means travelling the globe and cooking in as many kitchens as possible.

How to: become an icon

Veronique believes that anyone can be an icon nowadays. All you need is the confidence to follow your own heart, and you’re an icon in Veronique’s book. You by no means have to be perfect to be(come) an icon. In fact, Veronique prefers imperfections: “Nobody can be perfect or confident at all times. I believe that the moment you accept this, you automatically become an icon.”

If she feels like an icon herself? Well, it took her a couple of minutes, but in the end she found her self-confidence again and stated that she is most definitely an icon. To herself that is, she’s not quite sure that she is also an icon in the eyes of others. Veronique, we’re here to tell you, you definitely are, babe!